The Piedmont Beautification Foundation (PBF) was incorporated in 1964 to initiate and support community improvement and beautification projects through tax-deductible contributions. The inspiration for the organization came from the leadership of the Piedmont Garden Club (PGC), which continues to nominate the slate of PBF officer-trustees. These PGC-named trustees are joined by city trustees, including the mayor, a representative of the City Council, and the Chair of the Park Commission, to provide the voting leadership for PBF. Advisors, appointed by the PBF President from the Piedmont Garden Club and the community, provide advice and counsel on projects and programs, which follow.

Meeting four times a year, PBF works in partnership with the City of Piedmont on projects to beautify, maintain and renovate the greenscape and public buildings around our great city. Projects made possible through donations and support of the Piedmont Beautification Foundation are all around our city.

The commemorative tree and bench programs honor Piedmont citizens and family members; the Endowment Fund, established in 1991, provides a continuing source of support for the organization’s civic projects and the community’s future needs.


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