To Board Members and Committee Chairs

Please post your events by filling in and submitting the form below.


Event Sub-Title – Field should show time and time of carpool if applicable

9:30am – Noon | 9:00 am carpool @ Crocker or 9:30 am 

Event Details – We suggest you create this in a word document and then paste it in. This way you can save a copy for your files.

Location – Look through the list as many are already listed

Event Organizer  You can add multiple people. This will give all of you the ability to edit the Event if necessary. 

Category– Click members and whatever else is appropriate.

Event Image– You can add an image yourself. Please make sure the image is under 1000 pixels or 12 inches, and is not larger than 72 dpi. You can also send an image to Andrea or Sharon and we can do it for you, or we can find an image for you.

RSVPs– Yes, and then most likely click on the first 3

Remember to hit SUBMIT EVENT!

If you need to edit the event – Click EDIT AN EVENT under the calendar heading to make your changes. This is also where you can find a list of attendees. 


DOWNLOAD Attendees as CSV (comma supported values file)

This will give you a list that you can paste into an email. 

Questions, please email PGC Webmaster.