To Board Members and Committee Chairs: Please post your events by filling in and submitting the form below. 

To create events and activities for the Greenbook, Greensheet and for the website calendar, please fill out the form below. Please read through the tips/instructions below before filling in forms. Please do not use all caps for your headings or sub-headings.

Please note:

  • For the purpose of the Greenbook which is created over the summer (entries due by June 30th, please!), we only need basic information in the “event details” field. No need for a photo or lots of text at this time — those can be added/filled in later as you have more information, which you will provide for the appropriate Greensheet edition (two months prior to the actual date — please note Greensheeet editor’s deadlines).
  • RSVPs vs TICKETS (events requiring payment): please choose ONE or the OTHER — not both. For events that require payment, please click “sell tickets” — but do not click “Allow RSVPs” because the ticket will count as an RSVP (and thus you will not need to collect RSVPs).
  • For questions related to the Greenbook, please contact Mary Ireland.


  • Grammatical guidelines: Please do not use ALL CAPS; and please limit use of exclamation points.
  • Event Sub-Title is for times: Field should show time and time of carpool if applicable. Like so: 9:30am – Noon | 9:00 am carpool @ Crocker Park
  • Event Details: For lengthier information, it helps to  copy/paste the text in from a word doc. This way you can save a copy for your files. Please provide any relevant URLs. Please limit the use of exclamation points. 
  • Location: Look through the list as many are already listed, and if your location is not already listed, create a new one.
  • Event Organizer:  You can add multiple people. This will give all of you the ability to edit the Event if necessary.
  • Category: Click “Floral Design,” “Photography” or whichever category applies. (Some events will have two categories.)
  • Event Image: You can add an image yourself. Please make sure the image is under 1000 pixels or 12 inches, and is not larger than 72 dpi. You can also send an image to Andrea or Sharon and we can do it for you, or we can find an image for you.

RSVPs vs TICKETS (events requiring payment): Per note above, please choose ONE or the OTHER — not both.

  • If allowing RSVPs, follow the prompts (you will most likely click on the first 3 fields — and the last one).
  • If collecting payment for tickets, follow the prompts and add the cost, ticket stock (how many spaces you will have and tickets you can sell), etc.

Remember to hit SUBMIT EVENT!

  • To add details or edit event: Click EDIT AN EVENT under the calendar heading to make your changes. Best to do this on a computer vs. a tablet.
  • To view attendees: Click VIEW RSVP STATS and if desired, DOWNLOAD Attendees as CSV (comma supported values file). This will give you a list that you can paste into an email. 

All submissions will be reviewed by the webmaster or corresponding secretary before being made live.

Questions? Please email PGC Webmaster.